Last Round

Campaining for the second round of the elections for the Finnish presidency between National Coalition candidate Alexander Stubb and Green-Party member now running as an independent Pekka Haavisto. The close race was decided on Sunday 11 February 2024 as Finns elected the center-right politician Alexander Stubb as their new president, in the first national election since the country joined NATO.

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Sakari Piippo (b. 1981) is a documentary photographer based in Helsinki, Finland.

He has his master's degree in Visual Journalism from the University of Tampere, and has also studied Visual Storytelling at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.
His first book Eräitä huomioita Suomen poliittisesta järjestelmästä was released by Kosmos on September 2019.

Piippo concentrates in his work on building archives to serve as meeting places for utopian imaginations, enabling viewers to think and feel in new ways.

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